Zurihac 2022 happened and I happened to be a part of it.

This was the first Zurihac and also the first Haskell community event, I’ve ever attended.


If you are not sure, whether you should go to such an event. Definitely try it out. My experience was awesome.

my timeline and highlights


I travelled together with my colleague by car. We arrived just after the first talk, but that was totally fine.

Everyone who was already there was really approachable and always up for a quick chat. After grabbing Egyptian food from the food truck I attended my first talk there.

Gabriele Keller talked about Accelerate, which is a Haskell DSL for parallel computing (on GPUs for example). This was a really nice talk on a topic, that is kind of underrepresented in the Haskell community.

The rest of the day went by rather quickly and in the evening we had some barbecue. Even until late we were able to sit at Lake Zurich and then we checked in to our hotel.


On Sunday Simon Peyton Jones held his talk about GHC internals, Haskell Core and some of GHCs optimizations. I guess everyone loved it, because nobody dared to leave, even though the talk took an extra half of an hour.

This day also had awesome weather so most people (including me) used this day to swim in the lake.

Enjoying the sun


On the last day of Zurihac there was some more time to hack, but I actually spent most of my time talking to people from all sorts of backgrounds.

After a long chat about cryptocurrencies we finally headed back to Germany.

It was awesome

The best part overall is definitely the community. Thank you to everyone for being awesome and approachable!

There was also a lot of other fun stuff going on I didn’t talk about.

A special thank you to the organizers, sponsors and everyone who made it happen. I’ll surely attend more Haskell community events now.

See you at Munihac (I guess this is the next one)! :D